Vervoer op Maat

The Netherlands


Vervoer op Maat is, since 1994, a form of collective transport in the city of Rotterdam. It is only available to residents with physical disabilities who can't use regular public transport.

Vervoer op Maat was run from 1994 until 2002 by RET. From 2003 it is run by RMC (Rotterdamse Mobliteit Centrale), a subsidiary of RET and RTC (Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale).

Download the Vervoer op Maat leaflet. [pdf, opens in a new window]


On 13 April 1995 a small number of cards was issued. On 18 September 1995 this smart card was officially issued.

About 8,000 passengers could use this smart card to pay for "Vervoer op Maat". The smart card could also be used at coffee machines at the larger "Vervoer op Maat" bus stops and in all Dutch telephone boxes.

The smart card was issued in three pre-paid values.

value number sold
10 guilders 25,000
25 guilders 40,000
50 guilders 1,000

This smart card has been replaced by paper transport tickets. Nowadays the fares are paid by using direct debit.